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Richard Burbidge JULKIT04 Glass Juliette Balcony

Richard Burbidge Glass-Panel Juliette Balconies - JULKIT04 -

JULKIT04 Juliette Balcony is for openings 970-1110mm, and has glass-panels with the solid lines of a double metal and hardwood handrail;

There are options for openings from 600mm to 2010mm, and individual components if your balcony size falls outside of the kit options. 

- Oversize glass panels;

- 3 sizes of domestic Juliette Balcony are available, with or without Hardwood Handrail;

- Commercial Fusion Juliette Balconies also available;

- Click this link for more details about sizes and prices of RICHARD BURBIDGE JULKIT04 JULIETTE BALCONIES

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