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Joinery Products Showcase: Alternator Stairs

Here at JAS Timber, we work with several partner companies, all of which have been chosen for their proven track record of exceptional quality, to bring you an unrivalled collection of products. We also own and maintain our own state-of-the-art joinery premises, in which we create a wide variety of products from staircases and window/door accessories to porch canopies, gates, radiator cabinets and much more.

One of the bespoke joinery products we create that continues to grow in popularity is the alternator staircase, machined with love and care by our dedicated professionals to exact customer specifications. The ultimate combination of form and function, alternator staircases are referred to by a variety of other names including alternating tread staircases, loft stairs and paddle flights.

Alternator staircases get their name from the fact that part of each stair tread is cut away from alternate left and right stairs. Allowing the climber to rise twice as quickly, the alternator staircase is thus only half that of a standard staircase, resulting in dramatic space saving within the property.

In addition to the exceptional space savings they provide, alternator staircases from JAS Timber have an undeniably stylish aesthetic appearance that works well in both traditional and contemporary design schemes. You can choose from either oak or softwood, safe in the knowledge that your alternator staircase will be designed and built by dedicated experts with plenty of practical experience. As with every product we supply, you're also guaranteed to enjoy our signature competitive price with absolutely no compromise on quality.

Installing an alternator staircase is subject to the following regulations:

  • The alternator staircase can not be the only staircase in a dwelling
  • It must not be used as the only access route to a habitable room like a kitchen, lounge or dining room
  • The staircase is only permitted to serve a single room in order to limit the amount of traffic
  • A handrail must be installed on at least one side. If between two walls, a suitable wall rail must be installed alongside the alternator staircase

Alternator staircases are just one of the many bespoke joinery products available from JAS Timber. Check out our website to discover more.

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