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Introducing Fermacell Gypsum Fibreboard

Fermacell is a versatile, high-performance dry-lining board that can be used with equal success for floors, ceilings and walls. The product has many qualities that make it superior to standard plasterboard and this blog article provides more information as well as a brief step-by-step guide to installation.

Fermacell is made from 100% recycled gypsum, making it an envi­ron­men­tally-friendly option. The product is also reinforced with cellulose fibre materials, making it especially suitable for use in high traffic areas such as offices, works, sports halls, schools, hotels, hospitals and other public buildings. Thanks to its ability to withstand high levels of humidity ( up to 80% RH ), Fermacell fibreboard is also ideal for use in bathrooms and kitchens. It can be used as a tile-backing board or in timber-frame housing applications.

The gypsum boards display excellent resistance to moisture, impact and fire, as well as providing high levels of thermal and acoustic insulation, and capacity to carry heavy loads. In fact, Fermacell boards can hold up to 50kg when used in conjunction with a wall plug and up to 30kg with just a single screw fixing.

A stud wall with Fermacell is proven to deliver better acoustic reduction than a standard block wall and is only two-thirds the thickness of ordinary plasterboard; this quality makes it ideal for meeting soundproofing regulations. The product can be used successfully with underfloor heating, offering up to 30% greater efficiency than chipboard and timber flooring.

Guide to Installation

  • Mark the ceiling, floor and/or wall to show the board's thickness. You should also mark where the centre of each board will lie.
  • Carefully cut the board to the required dimensions.
  • Apply plasterboard adhesive ( we recommend Everbuild PinkGrip solvent-free panel adhesive, which is also available from the JAS Timber website ) in a continuous band around the edges of the surface that it is to be covered.
  • Dab adhesive onto the surface behind where the board will go.
  • Place the board against the dabs of adhesive and move it into alignment with the previously-made marks.
  • Press the board tight and hold or wedge it in place until the adhesive is set.

Fermacell boards are available in a range of different sizes from JAS Timber. Find out more information on our website.

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