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Installing Scotia Timber Beading for Wooden Flooring

Wooden flooring continues to grow in popularity, offering plenty of benefits both aesthetic and practical. In this edition of the JAS Timber blog, we show you how to install scotia timber beading around the outside edge of a wooden floor.

Changes in air temperature cause wooden flooring to naturally absorb and release moisture. These processes create changes in the size of the wood: higher humidity makes the timber expand while dry air causes it to contract. It is for these reasons that wooden flooring requires that a gap be left along the outside edges, between the wall and the timber planks. While this gap is crucial, it is also unsightly and scotia beading is designed to conceal the gap, resulting in a clean, professional aesthetic finish.&

  1. The first thing you need to do is to measure all around the perimeter of your wooden floor, which will determine the length of scotia beading necessary: to this total, add around 20% extra to allow for wastage. Purchase the required amount of trim from the JAS Timber collection to ensure 100% professional quality. You will also need nails and a mitre saw: check out our collection of tools on the JAS Timber website.
  2. If you intend to stain or paint the trim to match the floor and skirting, it is easier to do this before installing it.
  3. The sections of scotia beading must then be cut to fit along each straight section of skirting, with the ends cut at an angle of 45 degrees. Using a mitre saw for this purpose is best, as it allows you to achieve a neat, accurate result.
  4. When all of the scotia beading is cut to size and laid into place, you can begin nailing it to the skirting, spacing the nails at a ratio of one nail to every 30cm of beading. It is essential to nail the scotia moulding to the skirting: nailing it to the floor itself could result in expansion problems in the future.
  5. If any gaps appear when the scotia beading is fixed into place (a problem that can occur due to uneven sections of wall or skirting board), these can be easily remedied using a flexible wood filler.

JAS Timber supply a wide range of scotia timber mouldings, many of which are currently available with price discounts of up to 25%. Browse our collection now and please do not hesitate to contact our expert technical team if you need advice or further information.

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