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How to Install Softwood Skirting

Skirting Boards serve the dual purpose of protecting the base of a wall and hiding the unsightly join between wall and floor. JAS Timber offer a wide selection of Skirting Board patterns and, in this edition of our blog, we'll give you a simple step-by-step guide on how to install them:

  • Use a tape measure to find out how much skirting board you will need, adding 20% to this total length to allow for any wastage. Order your skirting board from JAS Timber so you have peace of mind that the product is of premium quality and sold at the most competitive price. 
  • On each piece of board, use a pencil to mark the side that will be facing into the room and which way up it will go. This will help to avoid any mistakes later on. 
  • Start the project with any boards that can be fitted with square-edge cuts at both ends, e.g. at either side of chimney breasts. Measure carefully and use a mitre box or mitre saw for straight, accurate cuts. Measure twice, cut once.
  • Apply blobs of high-quality adhesive ( we recommend Everbuild 'Gun A Nail' Panel Adhesive, available on our website ) to the skirting-board and press into place.
  • To allow the next board to slot into the first board you have attached, it needs to be 'scribed'. Using the mitre box or mitre saw, cut one end of a skirting board at a 45 degree angle. Cut away the waste section using a coping saw. What remains is the profile of the board that will slot onto the previously attached section.
  • Check that this piece is a clean fit with the board already attached to the wall. If it's correct, mitre or cut the other end of the board and attach using adhesive as described above. Continue in this way, planning ahead so that a scribed end always fits to a square end.
  • When you come to external corners, both pieces need to be mitred at a 45 degree angle, ensuring a clean join. Measure both of the boards to the external corner before marking the length on the back of the board. Place the board on the mitre before lining the saw, setting at 45 degrees to your mark and cutting. Always fit external corners in pairs instead of attaching one then cutting a second. 
  • Once the entire area is completed, use caulk to fill any gaps between the tops of the skirting boards and the walls ( we recommend Everbuild Everflex decorator's caulk, available on our website ). Allow to dry then paint or stain as desired. 

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