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Cheshire Mouldings Hemlock Handrail Fittings :

32mm & 41mm Hemlock Handrail Fittings from JAS Timber Merchants Blackburn Lancashire North-West.

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Hemlock Handrail 32mm & 41mm GOOSE NECK UPEASING - Cheshire Mouldings GF98H

Hemlock Handrail 32mm & 41mm Goose Neck Upeasing - GF9832H & GF9841H - (2 Sizes):
  • £54.20 + VAT 20%

Hemlock Handrail LEVEL QUARTER TURN CAP - Cheshire Mouldings LQC20H

Hemlock Handrail Level Quarter Turn Cap - LQC20H
  • £43.60 + VAT 20%

Hemlock Handrail LEVEL QUARTER TURN - Cheshire Mouldings LQT11H

Hemlock Handrail Level Quarter Turn - LQT11H
  • £36.40 + VAT 20%

Hemlock Handrail OPENING CAP - Cheshire Mouldings OC10H

Hemlock Handrail Opening Cap - OC10H
  • £31.00 + VAT 20%

Hemlock Handrail 32mm & 41mm OVER EASING - Cheshire Mouldings OE13H

Hemlock Handrail 32mm & 41mm Over Easing - OE1332H & OE1341H - (2 Sizes):
  • £31.70 + VAT 20%

Hemlock Handrail TANDEM CAP - Cheshire Mouldings TC20H

Hemlock Handrail Tandem Cap - TC20H
  • £31.00 + VAT 20%

Hemlock Handrail 32mm & 41mm UP EASING - Cheshire Mouldings VE12H

Hemlock Handrail 32mm & 41mm Up Easing - VE1232H & VE1241H - (2 Sizes):
  • £31.70 + VAT 20%

Hemlock Handrail 32mm & 41mm 90 DEGREE UP EASING - Cheshire Mouldings UE14H

Hemlock Handrail 32 & 41mm 90 Degree Up Easing - UE1432H & UE1441H - (2 Sizes):
  • £31.70 + VAT 20%

Hemlock Handrail LEFT HAND VOLUTE - Cheshire Mouldings V30LHH

Hemlock Handrail Left Hand Volute - V30LHH
  • £91.60 + VAT 20%

Hemlock Handrail RIGHT HAND VOLUTE - Cheshire Mouldings V30RHH

Hemlock Handrail Right Hand Volute - V30RHH
  • £91.60 + VAT 20%

Axxys Wall Pattress - Oak & Pine - AXPATO or AXPATP

AXXYS Fittings - 21x90x100mm Wall Pattress (in - AXPATP Pine - AXPATO Oak) :
  • £10.20 + VAT 20%
Cheshire Mouldings® have introduced an interactive Stair Planning tool, that allows you to browse and select a Stairparts Range to suit your specific requ­ire­ments, and price-up online. Plan Your Stairs and see your Staircase Design come alive!

Please email this Stairplan to us with Postcode, so that we can give you a competitive quote - sales@­jastimber.­co.­uk
Plan Your Stairs

Payment - We can take Debit Card, BACS, Cash, Cheque or Credit Card payment online for Benchmark Hemlock Stair Handrail Fittings

Van Delivery of Cheshire Mouldings® Benchmark Hemlock Stair-Handrail Fittings on our own van locally in Blackburn, Lancashire and the North-West, from £5 +vat, or £1 +vat per mile
- poa;  ( from: £30 Manchester, £35 Lancaster, £45 Liverpool, £60 Leeds, all +vat )

Approximate weights of Cheshire Mouldings Benchmark Hemlock Stair Components are shown in Kg, to include some packaging, careful packing, to be sent to Zone-A by XDP® Carriers. To purchase up to 2.4 M. Hemlock items online - Just add to basket, which calculates the shipping charge by weight for the order; ( The basket is at the Top-RHS of the page, in the Green Navigation-bar - very small! ) The XDP carriage charge is to Zone-A mainland - poa other zones;

Direct Delivery of Benchmark Hemlock Handrail Fittings from Cheshire Mouldings may be possible, and costs from £35 +vat per order - poa; - Don't forget, this price can include longer lengths such as Handrails and Baserails that are too long to be sent by our carriers.

XDP® Carrier Delivery of Benchmark Hemlock Stair Handrail-Fittings is possible from £9.60 +vat - up to 10Kg/2.4M., then 50p per Kg - Zone-A mainland - poa other zones;
XDP Handrail Fitting Parcels can be up to - 2400x400x400mm & 10Kg costing £9.60 +vat then 50p per Kg +vat; We would send Hemlock items longer than 2.4M with TNT.
( The risk of damage is roughly 5% with carrier delivery, so we urge you NOT to sign for your consignment until you have checked it; Once signed, any carrier will deem that you have received your order in acceptable condition - It is now your respon­sibility; We are unable to intervene with the carrier - they are immune to any complaints; - We have tried! )
- You can select an "Insured", Tracked Delivery with TNT® for £6 +vat extra; Add this extra charge to basket - TNT Tracked Delivery™ - 2.4 to 3.0 Metres from £15 +vat - poa; Anything longer is not suitable unless in pallet quantities;

( Please tell us the post-code for your enquiry about Cheshire Mouldings Canadian Hemlock Benchmark Stair-Rail Fittings, so that we can quote for shipping )

- The October 2017 Cheshire Mouldings Hemlock Benchmark Stairpart Price List is current - 01/01/2018
- Please phone us at JAS Timber for any further details about Benchmark Hemlock Stair-Rail Fittings
- 01254 54000

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T&C - We do try to keep prices and specifi­cations of Cheshire Mouldings Benchmark Hemlock Handrail Fittings correct, but mistakes can be made! Please let us us know if you do spot any errors - thanks.