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Hardwood Mouldings - Hardwood Skirting Boards - Hardwood Architraves - Hardwood Beadings - at JAS Timber Supplies, Blackburn, Lancashire.

Hardwood Timber Mouldings from Cheshire Mouldings®, Illingworth-Ingham®, Masons Timber Products® and Richard Burbidge®;

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Wedge Bead HTM888 (15x12mm) Dark Hardwood Moulding

15x12mm Dark Hardwood Wedge Beading HTM888 - (price per 2.4 Metre Length) :
  • £5.10 + VAT 20%

Glass Bead HTM894 (12x9mm) [Dark Hardwood] Solid Timber Moulding

9x12mm Dark Hardwood Ovolo Beading HTM894 - (price per 2.4 Metre Length) :
  • £2.70 + VAT 20%

Glass Bead HTM895 (15x9mm) [Dark Hardwood] Solid Timber Moulding

9x15mm Dark Hardwood Ovolo Beading HTM895 - (price per 2.4 Metre Length) :
  • £3.00 + VAT 20%

Quadrant Glazing Bead - 2.4 M. x 9mm - 12mm - 15mm - 18mm [Dark Hardwood] Solid Timber Moulding

Dark Hardwood Quadrant Beading: 9mm to 18mm - (price per 2.4 Metre Length) - (4 Quadrant Sizes) - Quadrant Bead price from:
  • £2.50 + VAT 20%

Quadrant Glazing Bead (16x16mm x 2.4 Metre.) - FB125 Red Hardwood

Quadrant Glazing Bead (16x16mm) - FB125 Red Hardwood Richard Burbidge - (price per bundle 6 x 2.4 Metre Lengths) :
  • £19.60 + VAT 20%

Hockey Stick Glazing Bead (23x26mm x 2.4 Metre.) FB852 (or HTM889) Red Hardwood

Firecheck Hockey Stick Glazing Bead (23x26mm) HTM889 Hardwood - (price per 2.4 Metre Length) :
  • £8.90 + VAT 20%

Hockey Stick Glazing Bead 21x24mm 3 Metre - Walnut-Foil wrapped MDF (Cut to 2 x 1.5 M Lengths for Carriage)

Firecheck Hockey Stick Glazing Bead (21x24mm) Walnut - (price per 3 Metre Length) :
  • £13.50 + VAT 20%

RTM839 Half-Round Mould (18x6mm) [Light Hardwood] Solid Timber Moulding

18mm Half-Round Light Hardwood Bead RTM839 - (price per 2.4 Metre Length) :
  • £2.10 + VAT 20%

1" Double Astragal Light Hardwood Moulding (Size: 21x8mm x 2.4 Metre.) - FB013 - (12 Pack)

Richard Burbidge FB013 Double Astragal Mould (Finished size: 21x8mm) 2.4M. Light Hardwood - Price per Length: (Bundle of 12)
  • £36.30 + VAT 20%

Hardwood FB171 18x4mm Stripwood 2.4 Metre - Dark Hardwood - Richard Burbidge - 1 Bundle (12 lengths)

FB171 Dark Hardwood Stripwood 18mm x 4mm - Burbidge Beading & Mouldings - 1 Bundle (12 Pieces @ 2.4 M.) :
  • £32.60 + VAT 20%

HTM879 Planed Square Edge Mould (25x6mm) [Dark Hardwood] Solid Timber Moulding

18mm Dark Hardwood Edging Bead HTM879 - (price per 2.4 Metre Length) :
  • £3.20 + VAT 20%

RTM853 Planed Square Edge Mould (25x6mm) [Light Hardwood] Solid Timber Moulding

18mm Light Hardwood Edging Bead RTM853 - (price per 2.4 Metre Length) :
  • £3.20 + VAT 20%

We stock a wide range of Timber Mouldings in Hardwood, Ash, Oak and Softwood.

Hardwood Timber is a natural product - variations in knots, colour and grain should be expected - they are not defects.

Moulding Sizes are the usual timber nominal size that the Profiled Hardwood Moulding is machined from, with a finished size that is generally obtained; Profiled Moulded Hardwood Bead sizes are generally ± 1.5mm on thickness / up to ± 6mm on width - there may be one splitter saw edge, & ± 10mm cross-cutting tolerance; This is the size immediately after machining the timber, and does not take into account any movement later, caused by moisture movement into, or out of the Planed Hardwood Moulding. ( Be aware: For many reasons, size and profile of timber may vary from batch to batch, so it is best to purchase all you need for a job in one go, rather than buying more at a later date. )

Hardwood Beadings are not recommended for use externally without suitable treatment;
Some are not recommended anyway if made from a low durability hardwood, if exposed mouldings are too thin or not suitable for the purpose, or we have a more suitable moulding. ( Engineered timber products are generally not suitable for external use. )
Sapele is a medium durability timber, but will still need to be fully coated and maintained for external use.

We can supply Certification for Hardwood Mouldings with our Chain of Custody Certificates, CoC : JAS Timber CoC Certification - FSC Hardwood Mould TT-CoC-003944.­150 or PEFC Hardwood Mould BMT-PEFC-1119.­150 - poa;

- We cannot be held responsible for any variations in machined Planed Hardwood Moulding sizes, pattern, construction, grading, moisture-content, treatment, certi­fica­tion, knots, colour or grain.
- If it is important, then you need to check these or any other details before purchasing, & notify us in writing on your order.

- Check your Hardwood Moulding delivery on arrival, that all component dimensions and mouldings, any glazing, and that all other details are correct, prior to any related work on site;
- JAS Timber cannot be held liable for the consequences of any variation;
- We cannot exchange any Timber Product once work has commenced; Larger orders and Direct Deliveries of Hardwood Timber Mouldings are supplied as a Special Order.

As well as the JAS Range of Period Mouldings - which include Dado Rails, Cornices and Picture Rails, we also stock or can obtain Mouldings and Beadings from Cheshire Mouldings®, Masons Timber®, International Timber®, Richard Burbidge® and Timbmet®.

Payment - We can take Debit Card, BACS, Cash, Cheque or Credit Card payment online for Hardwood Mouldings.

Van Delivery of Hardwood Moulds on our van, in Blackburn, Lancashire and the North-West, from £5 +vat, or £1 +vat per mile
- poa;  ( from: £30 Manchester, £35 Lancaster, £45 Liverpool, £60 Leeds, all +vat; )

Chargeable carriage weights for Hardwood Mouldings and Beads are shown in Kg, to include some packaging, our careful packing and the XDP® Standard Zone-A Carriage Charge; Hardwood Items with purchase button can be bought online - Just add to basket, which calculates shipping by this chargeable-weight; To check the ongoing price for your order, you can click the (small!) purchase basket at the Top-RHS of the page, in the Green Navigation-bar. Any products with no purchase basket may have a more complex delivery structure depending on size, weight and postcode; Please contact us - 01254 54000

XDP® Carrier Delivery of Hardwood Lengths is possible from £11.40 +vat - up to 10Kg and 2.4 metres, then +50p per extra Kg to Zone A Mainland - poa other zones;
For 2.4 to 3.0 metres ( from £15 +vat extra ) - poa;
Anything longer is not suitable unless in pallet quantities.

Haulier Delivery of Hardwood Mouldings by pallet can be arranged for larger quantities; It is charged per pallet space to your post code - poa;

Direct Delivery of Hardwood Moulded Sections may be possible from some of our suppliers - poa;

( Please tell us the post-code for your enquiry about PEFC® & FSC® Hardwood Mouldings, so that we can quote for delivery. )

- The July 2018 Cheshire Mouldings Hardwood Mouldings Price List is current - 01/09/2018
- The March 2018 Richard Burbidge Timber Mouldings Price List is current - 01/08/2018
- Please phone us at JAS Timber Merchants with any enquiries about Hardwood Mouldings and Beadings - 01254 54000

E. & O.E. see T&C - We do try to keep prices and specifi­cations of Hardwood Moulds and Beads correct, but mistakes can be made! Please let us us know if you do spot any errors - thanks.