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Hardwood Architraves: A Step-by-Step Guide

JAS Timber supplies an extensive range of hardwood mouldings, which includes a selection of stylish door architraves. Here we present a short step-by-step guide on how to fit door architraves for best results.

  1. Mark the Reveal. Once the architrave is attached, up to 10mm of frame should be left showing: this is known as the 'reveal'. After deciding on the size you want the reveal to be, measure and mark the distance (in several places) from the frame's edge. It is especially important to mark the reveal on the two upper corners of the door.
  2. Mark the Mitres. Position the first side pieces of the architrave against the marks for the reveal. Make sure you leave enough space at the bottom for the flooring. On both side pieces, mark where the inside corner of the architrave needs to be. 
  3. Cut the Mitres. Each piece should be cut at an angle of 45 degrees from where the inside corner is marked. It is essential to achieve a high level of accuracy here so use a mitre saw or a mitre box with a hand saw.
  4. Fit Side Pieces. Once cut to the right size, the side pieces can be attached using an evenly-spaced row of nails. Ensure that the architrave's inside edge lines up with the reveal marks. Glue can also be used to attach the pieces but bear in mind that this may make them more difficult to remove in the future. 
  5. Cut Head Piece. Cut one end of the top piece of the architrave to a 45-degree angle. Holding the head upside down between the points on the outer edges of the side pieces, mark where the second mitre's outside corner will start. Cut another 45-degree angle at the other side of the head piece.
  6. Fit Head Piece. Using finishing nails (one at either side and one in the centre) and lining up with reveal marks, fit the head piece between the two side pieces. Drive the nails in from above or from the side to secure corners.
  7. Knock all nail heads below the architrave surface with a nail punch, before filling with caulk. When dried, the entire architrave can be sanded before priming and painting.

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