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Garden Decking: Practical, Beautiful AND Value-Enhancing!

The popularity of garden decking continues to grow, with more and more homeowners discovering its many practical and aesthetic benefits. In addition to these benefits, installing garden decking at your property could also result in a significant increase in financial value, easily offsetting the initial cost of materials.

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According to an article published in the widely-read Telegraph newspaper, the financial value of a property with an 'attractive, well-maintained garden' could be increased by margins of up to 20%. Garden decking undoubtedly adds to the attractiveness of a garden, giving it that cared-for and well-maintained appearance.

Independent service Property Price Advice carried out a study into how decking can increase property values. The study found that installing garden decking could increase these values by 10% by enhancing its 'kerb appeal' to potential buyers. Another result from the same study showed that up to a massive 70% of outlay on materials could be recouped through an increased property value.

Post Office Money carried out extensive research into the connection between home improvement and increased financial value. The researchers concluded that garden landscaping projects like installing decking structures is one of the least expensive ways of improving a home and results in the largest increase in property value when compared to other projects like adding a conservatory, building an extension, laying a new driveway or installing a new kitchen. Figures from the study showed that an average spend of £2,750 on garden landscaping could provide a 77% return on investment through increased property value.

Chrysanthy Pispinis, a spokesperson for Post Office Money, said: "With property prices rising and falling, people are looking for different ways to maximise their market value. Making the right changes to your home can increase its market value significantly, with garden landscaping coming out on top for the most value-added".

JAS Timber supply a comprehensive collection of products to help you build decking structures, from components like boards, spindles and rails to ancillaries like safety clothing, fixings and tools. Discover our complete collection on the JAS Timber website.

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