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Frelan Pull Handles: Combining Style with Strength

For more than 40 years, Frelan Hardware has been supplying premium-quality door furniture and ironmongery and has grown to become one of the UK's top brands in this competitive field. The company distributes its products around the world via a carefully-chosen supplier network, among which JAS Timber is extremely proud to number.

At JAS Timber, you can choose from a wide array of Frelan Hardware door furniture products, such as door closers, hinges, thumbturns, escutcheons and glass and lever handles. In this edition of our blog, we will be showcasing one of the brand's signature ranges: stainless steel pull handles.

To create these attractive yet practical pull handles, the talented designers at Frelan Hardware utilise premium-quality stainless steel of Grade 304. This metal alloy is used widely across the construction sector, prized for its winning combination of beautiful aesthetics, unmatched strength, infinite versatility and exceptional resistance to corrosion.

The inherent strength of stainless steel means that these superlative pull handles are suitable for use in the most high-frequency applications, whether in the industrial, municipal, commercial or domestic environment. Though primarily intended for internal use, they can be used for external applications as long as they receive thorough, regular cleaning in order to avoid any surface pitting that may damage their attractive appearance.

Designed for use with timber doors, pull handles from Frelan Hardware are fitted using either the bolt-through or back-to-back fitting method. Bolt-through fitting involves simply sliding the provided machine screw through the door and screwing it tightly into the handle. The back-to-back fitting method utilises a machine screw equipped with a washer that has centralising grooves; the first handle is put into place before allen screws are drawn into the groove and tightened securely to the second handle.

Frelan Hardware pull handles can be purchased from JAS Timber either singly or in pairs and a full range of sizes is available to suit any application. The D-shaped handles boast a beautiful satin finish and are elegantly curved to give a luxurious final aesthetic. We also supply pull handles from the brand's renowned Guardsman collection, some of which are available with a smart polished finish.

Check out the JAS Timber website to discover more details about the Frelan Hardware pull handles collection, along with a host of other items from the bestselling brand. Just like with every product from our extensive portfolio, all of these items are made available to JAS Timber customers at an exceptionally competitive price with zero compromise on quality.

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