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FireCheck FD30 Doorblank - Ply External (Half Hour) 44mm FD30 Firecheck

Solid Hardwood External FD30 Doorblank
  • Solid Hardwood External FD30 Doorblank
  • Plywood FD30 Doorblank
Product code 3008-Ply-Doorblank-FD30
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FD30 FireCheck Plywood Exterior Doorblank
External ( Half Hour ) 44mm Fire-Door
- Imported Timber Fire Doors.

- Imperial FD30 Fire Door Sizes are available 78x30" - 78x33" - 78x36 - 80x32" - 84x36" - 96x48" -

- Please contact us about metric FD30 Fire Door Sizes - 2040x926x44mm - 2040x826x44mm - 2040x726x44mm - which are sometimes available in certain quantities;

These Firedoors are manufactured with an engineered solid timber core and timber frame, and
hardwood-faced door-skins. When cut to size, these Fire Door-blanks should be re-lipped;
96" x 48" ( 8x4' - 2440mm x 1220mm ) Door Blanks are un-lipped, but should be lipped after trimming to size, and before fitting;

We have a good stock at Blackburn of the 7' x 3 ' (  84" x 36" ) FD30 Doorblanks, and also the following sizes 78x30" - 78x33" - 80x32" and we will shortly have metric sizes.

Please ensure the suitability of this product for your specifi­cation.

Fire Door Certi­fica­tion may not be valid after any cutting, or if apertures are inserted, unless work is carried out under the BWF Certifire scheme;
Check with your Building Inspector or Fire Officer.

Falcon / JB Kind / LPD / Mendes / Meyer and Premdor External Plywood Door Blanks are available in many sizes. Please contact us at JAS Timber - 01254 54000

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We have Firecheck Doorblanks and Glazed Ply Fire Doors On Display at our Door Showroom in Blackburn BB1 1DB - 
Tel JAS Timber - 01254 54000 - Call before travelling;

External Hardwood Plywood FD30 Solid-Core Fire-Door Blanks :

Specifi­cations of Fire Door Blanks may vary, but have been :
- Hardwood Veneered Door-facings;
- Manufactured by Sincol/­Mademer/­Madepar/­Sentry, the premier door-blank manuf­ac­turers;
- Lipped 4-edges to match ( Except the 8x4 / 2440x1220mm and 7x3 / 2135x915mm );

( Please enquire - If the actual specifi­cation is important to you for certain reasons, we will try to identify the door manuf­ac­turer, and specifi­cation of the Fire Door being supplied. Generally Brazillian Doorblanks have a heavy timber-core, and Indonesian Doorblanks have a lightweight timber-core. )

FD30 and FD60 Made to Measure (MtM) and Glazed to Order Fire Doors are also available - MTM Firedoors

Timber is a natural material - variations in knots, colour and grain should be expected - They are not defects.

- JAS Timber cannot be held responsible for any variations in manufactured Fire Doorblank sizes, pattern, construc­tion, grading, moisture-content, treatment, certi­fica­tion, knots, colour or grain.

- If it is important, then you need to check these or any other details before purchasing, & notify us in writing on your order.

- Check your Fire Door delivery on arrival, to se that your Plywood Solid Core Doorblank's component dimensions, any mouldings, any glazing, and that ALL other details are correct, prior to any related work on site;
- It is the purchaser's respon­sibility to check the suitability of their FD30 or FD60 Fire Door Blank and it's Certi­fica­tion, in conjunction with Intumescent Strip, Fire-Door Frame with Architrave, Fire-Door Panic-Hardware and your Fire-Doorblank's Situation of Use.

- JAS Timber cannot be held liable for the consequences of any variation;
- We cannot exchange any Fire Doorblank once work has commenced;
- We cannot exchange Fire Doors after order - Timber Fire Doorblanks are supplied as a Special Order. Once ordered, the Manuf­ac­turing and Restocking processes will begin, and there can be no alteration or cancellation - No alteration or cancellation will be accepted by our Suppliers.

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Hardwood Door Blanks need care from purchase, during fitting, and throughout their lifespan;
Guidelines for door fitting, and door care are laid out by the British Woodworking Federation: BWF Door Care 
Timber Doorblanks have a copy of the manuf­ac­turer's instructions included in the packaging.
Check in particular, any fitting tolerances, or wood-stains you wish to use, are within the manuf­ac­turer's recom­men­dations;

( Waxes, oils, varnishes or water-based woodstains are NOT suitable. Maximum size reduction on fitting is 3mm per edge for Standard Fire Doors, It is often possible to cut more off a door, but this is at your own risk, and may contravene the Fire Certificate.
Doorblanks have a wider scope for trimming - please check, but they would need to be re-lipped afterwards. )

Fire door Certi­fica­tion may not be valid after any cutting, or if apertures are inserted, unless work is carried out under the BWF Certifire scheme; Always check with your Building Inspector or Fire Officer.

Follow BWF - Door Care and Maintenance advice for treatment of your door, and to validate their guarantee. These doors are especially vulnerable to constant high humidity, and care must be taken not to fit in properties (especially new) before plasterwork etc. has been allowed to dry. Claims based on moisture related problems will not be accepted.

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Mendes Fire Door Blanks can be bought online - Choose the Doorblank sizes from the drop-down menu to add to basket; Contact us regarding the Mendes Delivery charge, which must be added - It is one of the most complicated, but explained below - It is an extra charge depending on your postcode. Continue Shopping & select the Mendes Delivery Zone that includes your Postcode, and add to basket - Mendes Door Blank Delivery

Payment - We can take Debit Card, BACS, Cash, Cheque or Credit Card payment online for Mendes Ply Fire Doorblanks.

Direct to Site Plywood Fire Door Blank Delivery Details from PM-Mendes Doors:

Mendes quote up to 2 weeks from order, so long as the doors are in stock.
Door delivery will be via a reputable carrier company on a door-pallet;

Zone 1 - BA - BS - CF - GL - HR - NP - OX - SN - SP- WR = £51.40 +vat; For orders over £650+vat = £31.40 +vat;

Zone 2 - AL - B - BB - BD - BH - BL - CB - CH - CW - CV - DE - DT - DY - DN - FY - HD - HG - HP - HU - HX - L - LA - LD - LE - LL LN - LS - LU - M - ML - NG - NN - OL - PE - PR - S - SG - SK - SR - SY - TF - TW - WA - WD - WF - WN - WS - WV - YO = £69.60 +vat; For orders over £650+vat = £31.40 +vat; XX - Contact us regarding our own Van Delivery in these areas;

Zone 3 - BN - BR - CM - CO - CR - CT - DA - DH - DL - E - EC - EN - GU - HA - IG - IP - KT - ME - N - NE - NR - NW - PL - PO - RH - RG - RM - SA - SE - SL - SM - SO - SR - SS - SW - TA -TN - TO - TQ - TR - TS - TW - UB - W - W1H - WC = £79.60 +vat; For orders over £650+vat = £31.40 +vat;

Zone 4 - CA = £99.60 +vat; For orders over £800+vat = £59.60 +vat;

Scotland - poa;

Additional charges: AM Deliveries - Timed Deliveries - Saturday AM Deliveries - 7x3 and 8x4 Door Blanks - poa;

- The site must be accessible by a 10 Metre vehicle ( Fire-engine size );
- One fit and able-bodied person must be present to accept the Delivery goods from the wagon;
- For larger Fire-Doors, Door Blanks and heavier items, two fit and able-bodied people must be present for unloading;
- Delivery will only be made to the kerbside, between 8am and 5pm;
- All goods must be inspected upon Delivery, especially the faces and edges of doors, and any damages reported immediately;
- Failed Deliveries attributed to the customer will still be charged for;

PM-Mendes Delivery & Returns policy - details on request;

Van Delivery of Hardwood Ply Fire Door Blanks on our van, in Blackburn, Lancashire and the North-West, from £5 +vat, or £1 +vat per mile - poa ( from £30 Manchester, £35 Lancaster, £45 Liverpool, £60 Leeds, all +vat; )

The approximate weights of Mendes FD30 Ply Blank Fire Doors are:
78x27" - 1981x  686x44mm = 39Kg;
78x30" - 1981x  762x44mm = 43Kg;
78x33" - 1981x  838x44mm = 47Kg;
80x32" - 2032x  813x44mm = 47Kg;
84x36" - 2135x  915x44mm = 55Kg;
96x48" - 2440x1220x44mm = 84Kg;

Carrier Delivery of Ply Firedoor Blanks isn't possible;

Haulier Delivery of Mendes Hardwood Fire Doorblanks by Door Pallet is available from £68 to £140 +vat
- Zone-A Mainland - poa other zones;

( Please tell us the post-code for your enquiry about Mendes Ply FD30 Fire Door Blanks, so that we can quote for delivery. )

- The January 2019 Mendes Fire Door Price List is variable - 01/03/2019
- Please phone us at JAS Timber for any details about FD30 Mendes Hardwood Fire Door Blanks
- 01254 54000

E. & O.E. see
T&C - We do try to keep prices and specifi­cations of Mendes Doorblanks correct, but mistakes can be made! Please let us us know if you do spot any errors - thanks.