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Fermacell FireBoard

Fermacell Fireproof Building Board :

10mm Fermacell - Fireproof - Soundproof - Multi-purpose Building Board

Fermacell is the ideal board to use for Fire-Proofing, Sound Insulation, Impact Strength & Moisture Resistance :

Fermacell is a high performance multi-purpose dry-lining board for walls, ceilings and floors. Fermacell insulation board has exceptional fire, impact and moisture resistant properties with high levels of acoustic insulation, thermal insulation and load capacity.

Fermacell is a fibre reinforced gypsum board, manufactured from 100% recycled gypsum and cellulose fibre materials, and can be used as a superior alternative to plaster­board, where you need a higher performance.

Fermacell gypsum fibreboard is ideal in "high traffic" areas such as Schools and Sports Halls due to it's impact restistance..

Fermacell board can be used in Timber-Frame housing - ideal with its Fire Rating and high Building strength.

Fermacell fibreboard is also ideal in Kitchens and Bathrooms, where it can withstand high humidity levels of up to 80% Rh. It can also be used as a tile backing board.

- Follow the link for more details about Fermacel Fire Lining Board, and to buy online: 10mm FERMACELL BOARD

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