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Experience & Talent: A Winning Combination

It is often the design elements we use the most that are sadly left unnoticed and neglected; perhaps because of their very ordinariness they simply fail to register with us for the most part or perhaps we just don't want to see. When we do take a closer look, we see the results of this neglect and are ashamed that we didn’t notice earlier! Doors fit neatly into this category and this article will tell you how to spruce up your space by paying a little attention to them…

You might not notice your doors every time you walk through them but you would soon notice if they suddenly weren’t there. They are a design element that can easily help create an attractive aesthetic in addition to their functional quality and, even if you can’t change the doors, you CAN change the handles and this can instantly transform the look and feel of any indoor space. And if you want the best, then you don't have to look much further than Karcher Design.

Founded in Germany in 1991 by couple Irmgard and Ulrich Karcher, who are still actively involved with the business at every level along with other family members, Karcher Design is world-renowned for the sheer quality and craft­smanship of its products. Pioneering new manuf­ac­turing and finishing techniques using the results of extensive and ongoing research & development, the company continue to build on the impressive, unrivalled reputation for combining form with function to create door furniture of impeccable quality.

Karcher Design door handles are fabricated from high-grade stainless steel which, strong, lasting and excep­ti­onally-resistant to corrosion adheres strictly to the relevant DIN/EN inter­national specifi­cation. The metal is then coated with a variety of finishes - from classic Satin Stainless Steel to dual-finishes including brass, polished stainless steel and zirconium - to deliver bags of aesthetic appeal.

Along with the handles themselves, JAS Timber also provide access to all of the ancillary items in the Karcher range. If your doors haven’t had the TLC they need for a while, then give them a treat! You will improve the aesthetic of your home in just a few easy steps and the effect will be lasting, pronounced and definite. See the Karcher Design collection.

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