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Diamond Cutting Blade

Diamond Cutting Blade for Stone and Concrete
 - Dronco Brand - Made in Germany

Must be used to Manufacturers instructions.­ 

  • Wide Range of Application.
  • Outstanding Lifetime.
  • Laser Welded.

Good Cutting Performance on Both Hard and Abrasive Materials Combined with a Long Service Life. This Disc also Cuts Rein­for­cements. No Cooling Intervals Necessary.

Field of Application:
Basalt, Concrete, Metal, Cotto Plates, Cast Pipes, Gneiss, Granite, Clinker, Porphyr, etc.

115mm, 230mm and 300mm available IN STOCK

Special Offer

Diamond Cutting Blades are £3.90 (+vat) for 4.6" (115mm) Blades  -  £12.00 (+vat) for 9.2" (230mm) Blades  -  £26.50 (+vat) for 12" (300mm) Blades.

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