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Designo R7 Roto Timber Roof Windows

- Designo R7 ROTO Timber Top-third Pivot Opening Roof Windows

- Made from solid engineered FSC Scandinavian Pine components;
- The right Roof Window for all your needs with unique Top-third pivot technology;
- This gives more headroom, and MOE use for 7/9 to 7­/16 (Means of Escape);
- Bottom positioned single handle operation for all functions;
- Safety glass outside and thermal insulation glass on the inside;
- Optional WD thermal insulation collar to reduce heat loss;

A top-third pivoting double-glazed timber window, with an exterior cladding of anthracite-grey polyester-coated aluminium. The opening action raises the opener higher than cheaper centre-pivot roof windows, to give more headroom. The high pivot hinge­/axis means minimal top window protrusion back into the living space; Smaller frame profiles - give maximum light.
Manufactured using FSC Certified Scandinavian Pine timber components. These Timber Roof Windows can be fitted easily and quickly into roof slopes of 15 to 65 degrees, using standard polyester coated aluminium flashings for tile or slate roofs. Easy and safe ventilation using the single bottom handle, for all functions, with easy and safe cleaning when locked in the cleaning position.

7/9 up to 7/16 and the 11/9  can be used as Means of Escape roof windows (MOE) and exceed the regulations for this use, which requires a minimum opening of 0.33 square metres, to be used as a fire escape.

- Click on this link for more details about Designo R7 ROTO Timber Top-third Pivot Opening Rooflightand to buy online: DESIGNO R7 ROTO TIMBER ROOF WINDOWS

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