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Cutting and Machining Services at JAS Timber

In addition to our extensive range of timber products, JAS Timber also offer a comprehensive machining service at our premises. Using our modern machinery, we are able to cut and machine all kinds of sheet materials, as well as softwood and hardwood timber, to meet bespoke requirements.

For general cutting of timber and sheet materials, we recommend our machining in yard service, which offers cross-cutting and rip-sawing capabilities. Cross-cutting is carried out using a standard cross-cut machine, which incorporates a strong cross-cut blade with tungsten teeth. For rip-sawing applications, we use a standard bench-saw, which is also fitted with a robust tungsten-tooth blade.

Our skilled team always cut with as much accuracy as possible. For cross-cutting or rip-sawing timber, the tolerance is around 3mm, dropping to 2mm for panel products.

For cutting of plas or veneered plywood, or where greater accuracy is required, we recommend using our machining in workshop service. Here, our sawbench is fitted with an under-score blade: this is designed to help reduce the potential for spelching on the underside of sheets. Cross-cutting and rip-sawing tolerance is around 2mm and drops to 1mm for panel products.

In all cases, the thickness of the blade (4mm) should also be taken into account. The aforementioned tolerances refer to the size of the timber or panel product immediately after machining. We cannot take into account component movement if afterwards there is movement of moisture into or out of the product. Uptake of moisture will cause swelling while drying will cause shrinkage. Dependent on the composition and grain of any given product, there is the possibility of twisting and surface splitting/­checking.

To find out more about our expert cutting and machining services, we invite you to browse the JAS Timber website. If you need any further information or wish to discuss your unique requirements, please do not hesitate to contact a member of our dedicated customer service team.

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