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Concept KTX II M6.0 x 200mm Timber & Chipboard Screws

Concept KTX II M6.0 x 200mm Timber & Chipboard Screws :
8 inches long No 12 - 8x12 Gold KTX Professional Woodscrew :

Concept KTX II Chipboard Woodscrew

M6.0x200mmKTX-Head Woodscrews are suitable for all timbers, Softwood and Hardwood, and most timber-based sheet materials including Chipboard and MDF; KTX screws do not require any pre-drilling or pilot holes.

The KTX 2 M6.0x200mmWoodscrew has distinct advantages over the other brands in the marketplace -
- KTX Screws are usable with Square, Pozi, Philips and the unique KTX drive bit;
- KTX Screws are suitable for all boards and timbers including chipboard, MDF and hardwoods;
- KTX Screws have cutting flutes so do not require pre-drilling;
- KTX Screws have under-head ribs for counter-sinking & close-edge fixing;
- KTX Screws are waxed for smooth penetration;

- Follow the link for more details about M 6.0x200mm KTX Screws, other sizes & useage of KTX Woodscrews and to buy online: KTX II M6.0x200mm SCREW

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