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Though the name of our company is JAS Timber, our extensive and ever-growing product portfolio offers so much more than timber products. In fact, we have grown to become a one-stop-shop for all kinds of building materials, whether you are a trade professional or a DIYer. Every single product we supply is guaranteed to be of superlative quality and made available to JAS Timber customers at a consistently-competitive price point.

To make browsing among our thousands of products easier, the JAS Timber website is divided into a number of dedicated categories, which are further subdivided to provide the most seamless shopping experience. In this edition of our blog, we are going to showcase a small selection of popular products from the diverse and well-stocked 'Building Materials' section.


A product that needs no introduction, WD-40 is a global success. The versatile, super-convenient penetrating oil, supplied in aerosol format, can be used for so many different purposes and so is a staple piece of kit. These myriad uses include cleaning, dissolving adhesives, protecting metal surfaces from corrosion and lubricating moving metal parts.

Denso Flashband Tape

Another extremely versatile product that no toolbox should be without is Denso Flashband Tape, supplied in cost-effective 10m rolls and available in a selection of widths. The premium-quality, self-adhesive tape incorporates a backing of high-grade bitumen which allows the tape to instantly bond to most substrates and create a permanent watertight seal.

Everbuild Lumberjack Woodworm Killer

Woodworm season has arrived and one of the best ways to combat the serious damage caused by the pest is with the use of Lumberjack, a highly-effective woodworm treatment which is equally effective against eggs, larvae and adult insects. Upon application, the clear, low-solvent formula penetrates deeply in microscopic pores in timber, killing woodworm and preventing any reinfestation from occurring.

The full JAS Timber collection of building materials can be found on our website. Give us a call if you need any further information or assistance.

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