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Carlisle Brass: Can you Handle it?

Carlisle Brass, a division of the highly-successful Carlisle Design Group, has been producing a superlative range of brassware for more than 25 years, during which time it has developed into the leading distributor of door furniture in the UK. We are proud suppliers of a large selection of Carlisle Brass products, including door furniture, hinges, cabinet hardware, letter plates and window fittings.

LRS9001SAA DDA Satin Lever Door Handle on Round Rose SAA

ISO-registered Carlisle Brass, like its parent company, has a strong focus on innovation and employs a talented, hand-picked group of researchers, designers and engineers. This group continually create new products and optimise those already in existence, allowing the company to build and maintain its impressive reputation. It is a notable fact that nine out of ten of the top house­bu­ilders in the UK recommend Carlisle Design Group and specify more than 12,000 products from the range as industry standard.

Combining strength and durability with aesthetic appeal, Carlisle Brass door handles are incredibly popular. Available in an eclectic range of styles and finishes with customisable options, these handles can suit a wide variety of applications and are guaranteed to provide the most professional results every time.

A popular choice is the DDA-compliant Satin Lever Door Handle on Round Rose. It is supplied with all the necessary bolt-through fixings and features square spindle operation. The return-to-door handles should be used in conjunction only with Eurospec locks and latches, of which you can purchase many varieties here at JAS Timber.

Eurospec Archi­tec­tural Ironmongery are members of the Guild of Archi­tec­tural Ironmongers and the Master Locksmith’­s Association. The brand has achieved ISO 14001 and 19001 accre­dita­tion and, with more than 25 years of practical experience, is now an industry-leader in the field - 9 out of 10 premier house­bu­ilders specify Eurospec products as standard. Eurospec focus sharply on susta­ina­bility and envi­ron­mental awareness, ensuring that its products and practices comply strictly with relevant standards.

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