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Big February Savings on Matchboard & Claddings

The comprehensive range of timber products from JAS Timber includes a selection of tongue and groove claddings and matchboards, which are absolutely ideal for use in the creation of beautiful boarded infill panelling and wainscoting for covering internal walls. These attractive components are available in different kinds of timber, all of which are guaranteed to be of the most premium quality. And, during February, you can make big savings on these products. Sorted!

Experienced builders will be familiar with the tongue and groove method of fitting timber boards tightly together. The method creates a seamless, unified surface from one edge to another; in fact, the tongue and groove method is widely regarded as one of the very strongest construction joints and is often used for re-entrant angles.

Each board features one edge that has a thin, deep ridge all along it (the 'tongue'), projecting outward to a degree slightly less than the depth of the corresponding groove. The other side comprises the 'groove', which is simply a slot cut right along the length of the board. Each tongue fits perfectly into each groove. 'Reed and bead' is an attractive decorative design on the front of the board. 'Reed' refers to the bevel edge and 'bead' refers to the detailing, which is pencil-shaped. 

These components are delicate and, when moved to an indoor location where the air is drier and warmer, can sometimes shrink, cup and/or twist. To prevent this from occurring, it is essential that the boards are stacked together in the location where they are to be used, which permits slow accli­mati­sation. Shuffle the boards occasionally to ensure that they dry out slowly and evenly. These processes will minimise any movement and checking or splitting of the surface that can occur due to alterations of moisture content. 

Two bestselling products from this range, both currently reduced in price for our January sale, are Reed and Bead softwood cladding (which is made from knotty pine) and Reed and Bead matchboard (made from solid, premium-quality white oak). Approximately 11.7 metres of board are needed to cover one square metre of finished wall or ceiling. Each board should be finished on a joist.

You can find these and a number of other types of timber tongue and groove cladding materials on the JAS Timber website, along with lots more discounted items in our big January sale.

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