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Here at JAS Timber, we have literally thousands of products to choose from, all guaranteed to be of amazing quality at a competitive price. Though our customers take full advantage of this extensive range, there are some products that are especially popular and this edition of the JAS Timber blog showcases just some of them.

VT&G Reed & Bead Cladding

These components have an array of different uses, one of which is covering internal walls with wainscoting and boarded infill panelling. The boards fit together using the tongue and groove method which, as well as providing an aesthetically-pleasing seamless surface, delivers one of the strongest of all the construction joints.

Each cladding board is identical and incorporates both a tongue and a groove. The tongue is a deep, thin ridge while the groove is a simple slot cut along the board's length. As you move along, the tongue of the preceding board fits neatly and tightly into the groove of the next.

JAS Timber supplies a wide range of T&G flooring and cladding but this format, made from Scandinavian pine redwood timber, is particularly popular.

Pine and Hardwood Mouldings

Our entire collection of pine and hardwood mouldings is currently available with an attractive price discount of 20% for a limited time. The collection includes:

  • Pine Dowels. A woodworking essential, pine dowels are infinitely versatile. You can choose from nine different size options. 
  • Pine Reed Mould. Whatever you choose to use them for, from a door architrave to a dado rail, you're guaranteed to be super-impressed by the quality of this mould, which is machined from Scandinavian redwood.
  • Planed Redwood Bead. Made from planed square edge (PSE) timber, these superb beads have thousands of applications including framing, stud work, battening, beading and edging. 

Planed 25mm PSE

If you're a creative, talented woodworker then these pieces of planed timber are what you need to turn your imagination into reality! Available in a variety of formats, we can offer planed 25mm PSE in pine (whitewood or redwood), mahogany or oak.

Check out these products and many more on the JAS Timber website!

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