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Bespoke Joinery Products: Alternator Staircases

As well as supplying products from other carefully-chosen manufacturers, JAS Timber offer a full bespoke joinery service. All of the products we create, from staircases and porches to window frames and fire doors, are machined right here at our own premises, which are equipped with the most modern machinery and operated by dedicated professionals.

In this edition of the JAS Timber blog, we're going to look at one of our joinery products that has continually grown in popularity: the alternator staircase. Also known as paddle flights, loft stairs and alternating treads, these staircases are designed to dramatically increase available space within a property.

The key feature of alternator staircases is that part of each stair tread is cut away, alternating from right to left. This means that the size of the staircase only needs to be half that of a standard size, as you are able to rise twice as quickly. There are three important regulations that need to be considered if you are thinking about installing an alternator staircase made by JAS Timber:

  • An alternator staircase can only be used to serve a single room, limiting the amount of stair traffic
  • There must be a handrail on at least one side of the alternator staircase. If the staircase located between two walls, a suitable wall rail must be installed
  • An alternator staircase cannot be the only staircase in any dwelling and must not be used as the only access route to a 'habitable' room such as a lounge, kitchen or dining room

As well as offering huge space-saving potential, bespoke alternator staircases crafted by the expert team as JAS Timber have a stylish and contemporary appearance that will completely transform the aesthetic of any space for the better. Whether you choose softwood or oak, you're guaranteed the unbeatable combination of superlative quality with a competitive price.

Due to the fragility and large size of most joinery products from JAS Timber, we are only able to deliver locally in most cases: just one more reason to shop local! Check out the JAS Timber website to discover more of our bespoke joinery services.

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