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Artis Real-Wood Worktops

Artis Real Wood Worktops - 40mm Solid Timber Kitchen Worktops and Upstands :

European Walnut Worktop

For centuries wood has been our most loved, enduring natural material; a primary element in creating a theme.
Totally natural, and environmen­tal­ly friendly, Artis RealWood solid timber kitchen ­worktops are tra­diti­onal­ly crafted in wood blocks (or staves) to the highest "A-grade" surface quality. Every timber block is individually inspected and cut by hand to remove im­per­fec­ti­ons before manufacture. Each block is then finger-jointed for strength and longevity.

Artis RealWood Worktops ­come in both 3.0 metre and 4.0 metre ­lengths with matching upstand for a professional all round finish.

Artis Real-Wood Worktop Sizes:

- 3000x650x­40mm 
- 4000x650x­40mm
- 3000x900x­40mm

- Follow the link for more details about Artis Fireglaze & Burnish ­Worktops, and to buy online: ARTIS REAL-WOOD WORKTOPS

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