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Artis Fireglaze & Burnish Worktops

Artis Original Fireglaze & Burnish Worktops - Artis 40mm Kitchen Worktops, Artis Splashbacks and Artis Upstands :

Asteroid (Burnish) Worktop

Merging innovative surface technology with natural good looks, Fireglaze challenges comparison. Fireglaze is all about drama and surprise; the appearance and depth of texture, the flow of colour and play of light and shadow erupt through a glittering crystalline surface which changes with the light. 

Artis Fireglaze Worktop Sizes:

- 1800x600x40mm
- 3600x600x40mm
- 3000x600x40mm

- 1800x665x40mm
- 3600x665x40mm

- 1800x900x40mm
- 3600x900x40mm
- 3000x900x40mm

Combining a gently undulating textured surface with a subtle gloss element, the softly shimmering patina entices the eye and is appealing to the touch. Burnish works beautifully on stone decors, refracting the light to give the surface wonderful depth and clarity.

Artis Burnish Worktop Sizes:

- 3000x665x40mm

- Follow the link for more details about Artis Fireglaze & Burnish Worktops, and to buy online: ARTIS FIREGLAZE & BURNISH WORKTOPS

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