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Artis Erosion & Crystal Worktops

Artis Erosion & Crystal Worktops - Artis 40mm Kitchen Worktops, Artis Splashbacks and Artis Upstands :

Casablanca (Erosion) Worktop

Contrast your kitchen design with Erosion; an exclusive new texture with a weathered stone vide.
Reflecting softer light, Erosion's undulating surface and calmer tones provides elegant contrast to modern fascia design.

Crystal offers the silky smooth feel of natural stone. Its light, sophis­ticated texture radiates a delicate shimmer which works beautifully on granite or plain colour decors.

Artis Erosion & Crystal Worktop sizes:

- 3000x600x40mm
- 4100x600x40mm

- 3000x665x40mm

- 3000x900x40mm 

Upstands & Splashbacks also available.

- Follow the link for more details about Artis Erosion & Crystal Worktops, and to buy online: ARTIS EROSION & CRYSTAL WORKTOPS

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