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ANEGRE Glazed FD60 Firemaster Fire Door

Glazed Premdor Firemaster Anegre Real-veneer FD60 Fire Doors:
Any Premdor Anegre Fireshield FD30 or Firemaster FD60 flush veneered Fire Doors can be given glazed apertures to your specifi­cation. Popular glazed sizes are Type 1G - a small square aperture, Type 3G - a narrow aperture offset to one side of the fire-door, or Type 10G - five small square apertures down the centre of the fire-door. For Mobility Regulations Part-M, popular glazed sizes are Type 16G - two narrow apertures offset to one side of the fire-door, Type 19G - one large aperture central in the fire-door, or Type 20G - a long narrow aperture offset to one side of the fire-door. We have 12 Glass Aperture sizes listed for our Premdor Anegre Fire Doors, or we can also glaze to your specific sizes. 
Our in-house Certified Glazing service is prompt and economical, guaranteeing correct Fire-Rated Glass Aperture Assembly.
Fire-rated flush doors with FD30 or FD60 Glazed apertures must be supplied glazed in-house to comply with Premdor Fire Certificates; Aperture cutting by a third-party may invalidate these Certificates.
These Anegre Fire Doors are suitable for Inspected work in Schools, Hospitals, Office, Industry or at home, for inspection by the Building Inspector or Fire Officer.
Follow the link for more details about Glazed Premdor Firemaster Anegre veneer Fire Doors - ANEGRE GLAZED FD60 FIRE DOORS

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