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Anegre FD60 Fire Door - 1-Hour FD60 54mm Internal 60 minute Firecheck

Anegre Firemaster FD60 Fire Door
Product code 3008P-PF.Anegre-FD60
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  • £262.08

Anegre FD60 Fire Door - Pre-finished Anegre real-veneer Door-Facings -
- 54mm Internal ( One Hour ) Firecheck

Anegre 1-Hour Fire Doors need to be ordered with a Delivery Charge - Haulier Delivery - Please contact us -
This FD60 Door is no longer a "stock" Fire Door in the Premdor 2018 Catalogue - 39 Working Days to make -
We can get Anegre Real-Veneer Strebord-54 Fire Doors much more quickly - 01­/11/2018 -
Premdor Anegre BWF Certified One-Hour Fire Doors are supplied as a Special Order;
Anegre Standard Size Firedoors can be also supplied with standard or bespoke size Vision Panels - Glazed FD60 & FD30 Fire Doors
- Once ordered, the manuf­ac­turing process will begin, and there can be no alteration or cancel­lation.

Door Thickness 54mm BWF Certified Anegre Firedoor, with 6mm Unfinished Concealed Lippings two long edges; (Exposed lippings can be specified - poa;)

These FD60 Anegre Firedoors are suitable for Inspected work in Schools, Hospitals, Doctor's Surgeries, Shops, Pubs, Hotels, Offices, Industry or at home, for inspection by your Building Inspector or Fire Officer. Anegre is a medium colour hardwood with a teak-like grain. Real-veneer Anegre Fire Doors have a Clear-Satin Lacquer finish on both faces, and not the lippings. Premdor Anegre FD60 Fire Doors have demonstrated a sound reduction value of up to 34RwdB, which can assist in meeting the requirements needed for flat entrance systems against Approved Document E - see Spec. tab above.

- Anegre is a natural material - variations in knots, colour and grain should be expected; They are not defects.
- We cannot match to any existing Anegre Fire Doors because of this variation. (Anegre is a particularly hard veneer to match to, and to sequence match.)­ 
- We can offer Sequence-matched Anegre Real-veneers for the best colour match - poa;

FD60 Firemaster Fire Doors can be supplied with other Real Veneers :
- FD60 Ash
- FD60 Beech
- FD60 Durador™
- FD60 Koto
- FD60 Maple
- FD60 Oak
- FD60 Sapele
- FD60 Walnut + FD60 Popular Ply + FD60 White Primed MDF
and as FD30 Fireshield Doors - Premdor FD30 and FD60 Fire Doors

For Made to Measure Fire Doors ( with or without Glazed Vision Panels ) see - Made to Size FD60 and FD30 Fire Doors

For all manuf­ac­turers Standard-size, Panelled, Glazed and Archi­tec­tural V-groove Fire Doors All JAS Fire Doors

How to install an Internal Premdor Fire Door :

FD60 Firemaster Anegre Fire Doors:

Anegre, also spelt Anigre, is a straw-yellow/­brown coloured hardwood - similar to Teak or Afrormosia - Anegre FD60 Firemaster 1-Hour Fire Doors.­ Anegre veneered doors are manufactured using standard commercially available veneer cuts - mixed crown, half crown & quarter cut.

Usually these Real-veneer Anegre FD60 Fire Doors have a Clear-Satin Lacquer finish on door faces, not the concealed lippings. 

Acoustics: Anegre FD60 Fire Doors have demonstrated a sound reduction value of up to 34RwdB, which can assist in meeting the requirements needed for flat entrance systems against Approved Document E. We can supply Anegre
Firemaster Doors grooved, ready to take a Drop-down Acoustic Seal, to improve the door's acoustic rating.
Premdor Anegre Veneered One Hour 54mm Fire Door Specifi­cation : Premdor Anegre Firemaster FD60 Spec. Sheet

- Anegre is a natural material - variations in knots, colour and grain should be expected - They are not defects.

Anegre Firedoors need care from purchase, during fitting, and throughout their lifespan;
Guidelines for door fitting, and door care are laid out by the British Woodworking Federation:
BWF Door Care  
Premdoor Anegre Fire Doors have a copy of the manuf­ac­turers instructions included in the packaging.
Check in particular, any fitting tolerances, or wood-stains you wish to use, are within the manuf­ac­turer's recom­men­dations;

(Waxes, oils, varnishes or water-based woodstains are NOT suitable. Maximum size reduction on fitting is 3mm per stile for Premdor Anegre Fire Doors; It is often possible to cut more off a door, but this is at your own risk, and may contravene the Fire Certificate.)

Follow Premdor door care and maintenance advice for treatment of your Anegre Fire Door, and to validate their guarantee;

We are able to supply certified Premdor Anegre Firemaster Doors with our Chain of Custody Certi­fica­tions - CoC :
JAS Timber CoC Certi­fica­tion - Anegre FD60 Door INT-COC-003944.­150 & Anegre FD60 Door INT-PEFC/­COC-001119.­150 - POA;

- We cannot be held responsible for any variations in machined Anegre FD60 Fire Door sizes, pattern, grading, moisture content, treatment, certi­fica­tion, knots, colour or grain.
- If it is important, then you need to check these or any other details before commencing work & notify us in writing on your order.

- Check all component dimensions, mouldings and glazing are correct prior to any work on site;
- It is the purchaser's respon­sibility to check the suitability of this Fire Door & its certi­fica­tion, in conjunction with the intumescent strip, door frame with surround, hardware & the situation of use.
- JAS Timber cannot be held liable for the consequences of any variation;
- We cannot cancel or exchange any Anegre Fire Door after order - Anegre Firemaster Doors are supplied as a Special Order.
- Once ordered, the manuf­ac­turing process will begin, and there can be no alteration or cancel­lation.

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PF.Anegre Veneer Firemaster FD60 Fire Doors can be bought online -
Select the FD60 Anegre Fire Door sizes that you want from the drop down menu, and add to basket; Then add any FD30 Fire Doors, Internal Anegre Doors, Door Casings, or any other items that you require.
- The Checkout Trolley icon is at the Top-RHS of the page, in the Green Navigation-bar - Click it to see the ongoing price for your order, or to amend it;

Payment - We can take Debit Card, BACS, Cash, Cheque or Credit Card payment online for PF Anegre FD60 Fire Doors.

Direct Delivery of Premdor Firemaster One Hour PF-Anegre FD60 Firedoors
- poa;

Alternative Delivery - Please contact us about these other methods below - 01254 54000

Van Delivery of Anegre FD60 Fire Doors on our van, in Blackburn, Lancashire and the North-West, from £5 +vat, or £1 +vat per mile - poa;  ( from: £30 Manchester, £35 Lancaster, £45 Liverpool, £60 Leeds, all +vat; )

The approximate weights of Premdor Firemaster FD60 PF.Anegre Flush Fire Doors are shown in Kg:
FD60ANE23 78x27 Flush Anegre Real-Veneer Fire Door - 36Kg;
FD60ANE26 78x30 Flush Anegre Real-Veneer Fire Door - 38Kg;
FD60ANE29 78x33 Flush Anegre Real-Veneer Fire Door - 40Kg;
FD60ANE28 80x32 Flush Anegre Real-Veneer Fire Door - 30Kg;
FD60ANE726 2040x726x54mm Flush Anegre Real-Veneer Fire Door - 38Kg;
FD60ANE826 2040x826x54mm Flush Anegre Real-Veneer Fire Door - 40Kg;
FD60ANE926 2040x926x54mm Flush Anegre Real-Veneer Fire Door - 42Kg;

Carrier Delivery of Premdor Fire Doors is not possible.

Haulier Delivery of Anegre Veneered Firemaster Doors by Door Pallet is available from £68 to £140 +vat to
Zone-A Mainland - poa other zones;

( Please tell us the post-code for your enquiry about One-Hour Prefinished Anegre Veneered Flush Fire Doors, so that we can quote for delivery )

- The February 2019 Premdor Price List is current - 04/05/2019
- Please phone us at JAS Timber for any further details about Premdor Firemaster Anegre Pre-Finished FD60 Fire Doors
- 01254 54000

E.&O.E. seeT&C - We do try to keep prices and specifi­cations of Premdor FD60 Anegre Fire Doors correct, but mistakes can be made! Please let us us know if you do spot any errors - thanks.