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A Welcoming Oasis: Transforming your Kitchen

The amount of time we spend in our kitchens is increasing. This is due to many factors, including a heightened awareness of the need for people to spend quality time together. There has also been a big rise in the number of people cooking proper food from scratch, as well as a higher number of people sharing accom­moda­tion than ever before. So, how can the experience be improved?

oasis kitchen worktop jet 5518 laminate

Oasis kitchen worktop martian 5045 laminate

Oasis Kitchen Worktop Olympus Onyx 4584 laminate

For many families, the kitchen is unmistakably the hub of the house, where most of the living gets done. Of course, it’s all dependent on the size, shape and capacity of your particular kitchen but it’s important to make the space as congenial and welcoming as possible due to the amount of time we spend there.

Those living alone or with a small kitchen are not excused from the improvement! If your kitchen doesn’­t welcome you in then you’ll spend your entire time there feeling uncom­for­table, bored and/or perhaps resentful. The trudge from sink to cooker to crockery cupboard via a neverending runway of blandly-uninspiring worktops becomes something to avoid and before you know it you're back on boil-in-the-bag dross again.

Let’s fix things up starting with some of the areas just mentioned. Your sink should obviously be kept clean and as empty as possible. Wash up as you go along and if you don't feel like drying then don’t bother; let it drip on the drainer. Use a washing-up liquid scented with your favourite aroma: you can literally get the most exotic stuff now, go for traditional lemon or shake up the washing up with a mixed cocktail burst of papaya, mint and aloe vera (we didn’t even make this up).

Rearrange your pots and pans cupboard. Don't try to pretend it doesn’t need a sort-out; we know you better than that. So much time is wasted spent hunting for the right item and going back and forth for things so a simple rejig could have pretty quick and noticeable results. More time for you to just enjoy being in the space.

The worktops are a link that joins the separate elements of your kitchen. How well that link works will be dictated by the qualities of the surface, both aesthe­tic­ally and functi­onally, and should be given careful consi­dera­tion. You want choice. You want quality. We present to you...Oasis™ Worktops!

Choose classic antique white or contemporary onyx, take the subtle route with arran or make a feature of it with jet. These are just some of the designs on offer and you can see the whole range.

Make your kitchen a happier place to be…. Make it a culinary paradise… Make it an oasis of calm or a dedicated party zone…. Most of all, make it YOURS.

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