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3" Building Timber

Softwood 3" Building Timber - (75mm Nominal) Carcassing Timber - Rough-Sawn or "Regularised":

In general we are now sourcing this timber as a high quality Home-grown whitewood, some now being regularised Easi-edge - (semi-planed with eased corners),­ and graded to SSC16 (or oc­ca­si­onal­ly SSC24) cer­ti­fica­ti­on, and some as rough-sawn timber; It is generally Grade-Stamped for inspection by your Building Inspector, so suitable as joists, rafters and building timber.
Normal lengths are 3.0, 3.6, 4.2 & 4.8 metres;

We keep a good selection of larger sized timbers in stock, up to 9" / 225mm in the Easi-Edge and 12" / 300mm in a German unsorted graded Whitewood Fine-Sawn Carcassing timber; We can also source larger sizes and lengths to order.

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12x3 Sawn Building Timber SSC WET Graded (74x295mm ex 75x300mm)

75x300mm R/S Graded Carcasssing SSC16/­24(4.­8, 5.4, 6.0 M.) [12x3 R/S 16'/­18'/­20']- price per metre
  • £49.63 + VAT 20%

9x3 R/S (75x225mm) SSC16 upto>4.8M.

75x225mm Rough Sawn Timber SSC16(3.0; 3.6; 4.2; 4.8 M.) [9x3 R/S 10'/­12'/­14'/­16'] - price per metre
  • £18.69 + VAT 20%

8x3 R/S (75x200mm) SSC16 upto>4.8M.

75x200mm Rough Sawn Timber SSC16(3.0; 3.6; 4.2; 4.8 M.) [8x3 R/S 10'/­12'/­14'/­16'] - price per metre
  • £16.44 + VAT 20%

6x3 R/S (75x150mm) SSC16 upto>4.8M.

75x150mm SSC16 Rough Sawn Graded Carcassing Timber (75x150 R/S 3.0; 3.6; 4.2; 4.8 M.)[6x3 R/S 10'/­12'/­14'/­16'] - price per metre :
  • £12.39 + VAT 20%

4x3 R/S Regularised (95x75mm) SSC16 upto>4.8M.

95x73mm Easi-Edge Regularised SSC16 Rough Sawn Graded Carcassing Timber (75x100 R/S 3.0; 3.6; 4.2; 4.8 M.)[4x3 R/S 10'/­12'/­14'/­16'] - price per metre :
  • £13.30 + VAT 20%

Machining in Workshop - Cutting

Machining in Workshop / Cutting
  • £2.00 + VAT 20%

Machining - Workshop Time

Machining in our Joinery Workshop / Time at JAS Timber
  • £1.00 + VAT 20%

12x3 Regularised SSC WET Graded Building Timber (72x290mm ex 75x300mm)

75x300mm Regularised Carcasssing SSC16/24 (4.8, 5.4, 6.0 M.) [12x3 16'/­18'/­20']- price per metre
  • £49.63 + VAT 20%

3 inch Carcassing Timber is a natural product - variations in knots, colour, and grain should be expected - They are allowable. A certain amount of checking and splitting occurs, and is allowable in the Grading Spe­cifi­cati­on; 75mm Timber can be Grade-Stamped for strength, where required.

Most sizes of 75mm Graded Carcassing timber are kiln-dried; Unseasoned 75mm timber can have a moisture content approaching the maximum saturation level of 27%, when air-dried "in-stick" this can fall to 20-23%, and if kiln-dried the moisture level is brought down to 18-20%. Generally in a heated building, the moisture level can be 8-10%, and it is here, when the moisture level of timber is rapidly changed, that twisting, warping and splitting can occur.

We keep tilt-fillet in stock and can cut firring pieces and other timber sections to size for flat-roof and pitched-roof work.

Sizes may be the usual timber nominal size that the 3 inch Carcassing Softwood is cut from, with a finished size that is generally obtained; Carcassing Timber sizes are generally ±3mm on thickness / ±6mm on width, ±20mm cross-cutting tolerance & there may be one splitter saw cut-edge; This is the size immediately after machining the timber, and does not take into account any movement later, caused by moisture movement into, or out of the 75mm Construction Timber. ( Be aware: For many reasons, size, profile and other aspects of timber may vary from batch to batch, so it is best to purchase all you need for a job in one go, rather than buying more at a later date. )

- We cannot be held responsible for any variations in 75mm Sawn Timber sizes, pattern, cons­truc­ti­on, grading, moisture content, treatment, cer­ti­fica­ti­on, knots, colour or grain.
- If it is important, then you need to check these or any other details before commencing work & notify us in writing on your order.

We can supply FSC® or PEFC® Certifica­ti­on for 75mm Sawn Timber with our Chain of Custody Cer­ti­fica­tes, (CoC) - JAS Timber CoC - FSC Certified 75mm Carcassing Timber TT-CoC-003944.­150 or PEFC Certified 75mm Carcassing Timber BMT-PEFC-1119.150 - poa;

- Check your delivery of 75mm Building Timber, and that all it's component Dimensions, any Mouldings, any Glazing and all other details are correct, prior to any work on site;
- JAS Timber cannot be held liable for the consequences of any variation;
- We cannot exchange any Carcassing Timber once work has commenced; 75mm Construction Timber orders at variance with our normal stoc­kholding, and all Direct Deliveries are supplied as a Special Order.

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  • The PEFC logo® & PEFC® initials are registered Trademarks of the PEFC Council®;
  • The FSC logo® & FSC® initials are registered Trademarks of the Forest Stewardship Council®.

Payment - We can take Debit Card, BACS, Cash, Cheque or Credit Card payment online for 75mm Building Timber

Van Delivery of 75mm Carcassing Timber on our van, in Blackburn, Lancashire & the North-West, from £5 +vat, or £1 +vat per mile
- poa;  ( from: £30 Manchester, £35 Lancaster, £45 Liverpool, £60 Leeds, all +vat )

Approximate weights for 75mm Sawn Timber sections are shown in Kg per metre;
3 inch Sawn Wood planking with purchase basket can be bought online - Just add to basket, which calculates carriage by weight;
Other products with no purchase basket may have a more complex delivery structure depending on weight, length & where you are - please contact us.

Carrier Delivery of 75mm Timber Joists is possible from £9.60 +vat - up to 10Kg/2.4M., then 50p per Kg; 2.4 to 3.0 M.+ £15+vat! Anything longer is not suitable unless in pallet quantities - Zone A Mainland - poa other zones;

Haulier Delivery of 75mm Sawn Timber by pallet can be arranged for larger quantities.

Direct Delivery of 75mm Timber Joists may be possible from some of our suppliers.

( Please tell us the post-code for your enquiry about 3" Construction Whitewood so that we can quote for delivery. )

- The October 2017 Scandinavian 75mm Softwood Timber Price List is current - 01/12/2017
- Please phone us at JAS Timber for any further details about 3 inch Sawn Softwood
- 01254 54000

E. & O.E. see
T&C - We do try to keep prices and specifi­cati­ons of 75mm Building Softwood correct, but mistakes can be made! Please let us us know if you do spot any errors - thanks.