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75mm Denso Flashband Tape

DENSO® 3" Flashband Tape - 3" Flashing Roll :

Denso Bitumen Flashband Tape @ JAS Timber

- High quality, self adhesive flashing tape, Ideal for use from general repairs to sealing-work in commercial buildings.

3" Builders flashband is a lead coloured, crease resistant flashing tape with a smooth grey covering, with a high grade bitumen backing.

3" Denso Flashband has an aluminium foil laminate embedded within the bitumen layers to give greater puncture resistance, improved tensile strength, elongation and tear strength. This offers the user a stronger tape that is easier to apply and accommodates the natural movement of joints, in service, without the loss of adhesion or splitting.
Flashband looks like lead, but is easier to apply; Interleaved for easy handling.

75mmDenso Flashing Tape is a robust Domestic & Commercial Building Product that will last for many years, so you can confidently use this flashing to make new or repair old flashings & soakers in brickwork, and use wider Flashband for valley gutters.

Denso Builders Flashband is available in - 3" - 4" - 6" - 9" - 12" - 18" - 24" Flashband Roll Widths -

- Follow the link for more details about 3" Buiders Flashband, and to buy online: 75mm DENSO FLASHBAND

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