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5 Landscaping Ideas using Timber

Landscaping a garden gives it texture, structure and character, as well as making the outdoor space more practical. JAS Timber is an expert supplier of all kinds of timber for use outdoors and, in this edition of our blog, we showcase five ways in which our timber can be used to create stunning landscape features.

Timber Decking

Adding practical, aesthetic and financial value to your home, timber decking offers countless benefits. As well as being installed in place of a traditional patio, timber decking can be used with equal success around the edges of pools or ponds. To discover even more benefits of installing timber decking, check out our recent blog article.

Timber Structures

Perhaps the most common timber structure found in gardens is a shed and these are surprisingly easy to build for a confident DIYer. You could even build a beautiful summer house, pavillion or gazebo using solid natural timber, creating a gorgeous, private outdoor space to relax and entertain in. Use timber to create trellises on garden structures, allowing plants to grow up them and create an even more natural look.

Timber Gates and Fences

As well as enhancing the appearance of a garden, fences and gates also go a long way towards improving security, providing both a deterrent and a barrier. It's not just the perimeter of a property that can benefit from timber fencing: why not separate your garden into distinct areas? Fences also make a great windbreak close to seating areas.

Timber Retaining Walls

Retaining walls are especially useful for sloping gardens, where they can be used to increase usable space by creating levels. Flat gardens can equally benefit, quickly becoming unique stepped gardens that are a joy to behold. You can even use timber to create steps from one level to another.

Timber Planters and Raised Beds

Gardening can involve back-breaking work but timber can be used to create raised areas that cut the hard work in half. You can also use timber sleepers to make raised ponds which, as well as delivering a treat for the eyes, are also much safer if you have children or pets using the garden.

These ideas are just a small sample of the thousands of ways that timber can be used to create amazing landscaping features. Check out the superlative JAS Timber collection of timber products on our website and don't hesitate to contact our expert team for advice on choosing exactly the right materials for your project. 

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