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4" Denso Flashband Tape

100mm Builders FLASHBAND - 4" DENSO Flashing Tape:
A Strong self-adhesive Flashing Tape made of Coated Aluminium Foil and a Bitumen Adhesive;

Forms a strong waterproof seal by the simply pressing the Flashband into place by hand, and roller.

Denso Bitumen Flashband Tape @ JAS Timber

4" Flashband Roll - High quality, self adhesive flashing tape, for general repairs, roof sealing work and new-build water­pro­ofing.

100mm Builders Flashband is lead coloured, crease resistant flashing tape, containing an aluminium-foil, with a smooth grey surface and adhesive black bitumen backing.

4 inch Flashband looks like lead, but is easier to apply;

- Self-adhesive flexible flashing on a roll -
- Ideal for weat­her­pro­ofing roof joints -
- Use in repair work seals, and also new-build -

Other widths of Denso Builders Flashband in stock - 3" - 6" - 9" - 12" - 18" - 24" -

- Follow the link for more details about 100mm Denso Flashband, Flashband Primer, and to buy online :  4 inch DENSO FLASHBAND TAPE

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