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4" DENSO TAPE - Original - 100mm

4" DENSO TAPE - Denso Original Water­pro­ofing Tape - 100mm:

Denso Original Waterproofing Tape

4" Denso Tape has been the versatile answer to all kinds of anti-corrosion and sealing problems for over 70 years;
It is flexible and never hardens, so it won't crack; For sealing and water­pro­ofing.

100mm Denso Tape uses include the protection of above and below ground steel - Underwater protection against corrosion on pipework, metal surfaces and cables - Temporary sealing of fractured mains and cable joints -

Click on the link for more details, and to buy online 50mm / 75mm / 100mm DENSO TAPE : 4" DENSO ORIGINAL WATER­PRO­OFING TAPE

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