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3x1 PLANED Scandinavian Whitewood

3x1" PAR Planed Scandinavian Whitewood Timber

Softwood PSE Whitewood Timber 3x1

This Planed 75x22mm Scandinavian Softwood is machined from PEFC Certified Sawfalling quality boards with a few firm knots;
3 x 1 Planed Softwood is ideal to use as  edging, battening, stud-work and for timber framing;

Prepared 22x75mm whitewood has a finished size of 18x69mm;

Nationwide delivery is available from stock 0.9 to 2.4 Metre length, and is sold in random lengths up to 5.7 Metres, for local delivery on our van.;

We are able to supply 3x1 PEFC Certified Whitewood with our Chain of Custody Certi­fica­tions -
JAS Timber PEFC Certification - BMT-PEFC-1119.­150
or 3x1 FSC Certified Whitewood - JAS Timber FSC Certification - TT-CoC-003944.­150.

- Follow the link for more details of Whites 3"x1" PAR Planed PEFC Timber, and to buy online - PLANED 3x1 PSE WHITEWOOD

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