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3/8" Pine Quadrant Bead - Richard Burbidge 9mm Pine FB477

- Richard Burbidge 9mm Pine FB477 -
- Cheshire Mouldings 9mm Pine TM670 -

Pine Quadrant Beading

- Finished size 9x9mm PEFC Pine Softwood -
3/8" QUADRANT Glass Bead (  9x9mm) - 9mm Pine FB477 - Richard Burbidge
3/8" QUADRANT Glass Bead (  9x9mm) - 9mm Pine TM670 - Cheshire Mouldings

- 9mm Pine Quadrant from Richard Burbidge and Cheshire Mouldings is machined from the best quality PEFC Certified Scandinavian Pine Redwood, with hardly any knots.

Other Quadrant Bead sizes are:
1/2" QUADRANT Glass Bead ( 12x12mm) - FB363 - Richard Burbidge
5/8" QUADRANT Glass Bead (16x16mm) - FB364 - Richard Burbidge
3/4" QUADRANT Glass Bead (18x18mm) - FB478 - Richard Burbidge
7/8" QUADRANT Glass Bead (21x21mm) - FB379 - Richard Burbidge

1/2" QUADRANT Glass Bead ( 12x12mm) - TM671 Pine - Cheshire Mouldings
5/8" QUADRANT Glass Bead (15x15mm) - TM672 Pine - Cheshire Mouldings
3/4" QUADRANT Glass Bead (18x18mm) - TM673 Pine - Cheshire Mouldings
7/8" QUADRANT Glass Bead (21x21mm) - TM674 Pine - Cheshire Mouldings

9mm Pine Quadrant Glass Bead is ideal for glazing frames, as space is allowed at the back for the silicone or glazing compound.

Other Pine Glazing Beads are available:

- WEDGE BEAD Softwood TM903

- OVOLO GLASS BEADS Softwood TM570 TM571 TM572 TM55024

We are able to supply 3/8" PINE QUADRANT Bead in 9mmPEFC Certified Redwood with our Chain of Custody Certi­fica­tions -
JAS Timber PEFC Certi­fica­tion - BMT-PEFC-1119.­150

- Follow the link for more details about Softwood 3/8" Quadrant FB477, other Quadrant Sizes and to buy online : FB477 9mm PINE QUADRANT

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