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300mm Flashband Flashing Tape

12" Denso Flashband Flashing Tape - 300mm x 10 Metres
- Ideal for repairing and weat­her­pro­ofing roof joints -
Denso Flashband Grey Flashing Tape
Denso 300mm Flashband - High quality, self adhesive flashing tape, for general repairs and sealing. A lead coloured, crease resistant flashing tape covered with heavy duty aluminium foil and a high grade bitumen backing - bonds instantly to provide a permanent watertight seal in all climates. Densotape self-adhesive flexible roofing flashing on a roll -

Builders 300mm Flashband Bitumen Flashing Tape is ideal for weat­her­pro­ofing roof joints; FLASHBAND may be used to flash over Felted, Mastic-asphalt and other Bituminous roofs; Asbestos-cement, Concrete, Stone-flag, Terracotta Tile or Slate roofs; Aluminum sheet, Glass, Rigid-Plastics, Epoxy-coated sheet and Galvanized sheet roofs;

12" Flashband can be used in repair work seals, new build seals, and a multitude of other uses.

Black Bitumen Flashband Primer is also available.

- Click on this link fore more details about USES and HOW TO APPLY Denso 12" Flashband Tape, & to buy online: DENSO FLASHBAND FLASHING TAPE

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