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1 x 1 inch PSE Planed Redwood Bead - 25x25mm nominal;
Finished size approx 21x21mm - current stock is 1x1 PSE Mill Machined from Donaldson Timber.

25mm x 25mm PSE Planed Bead - Scandinavian Redwood - Price per 2.4 metre length;

- Richard Burbidge LP319, Masons Timber 32924 and Cheshire Mouldings TM624 are sometimes stocked, and can be obtained - poa;
Also available in 3 metre lengths - This costs more for carriage - Masons 32930 - poa;

Machined from Scandinavian Joinery-Quality Redwood - Finished Planed size approx: 21mm x 21mm - from nominal 25x25mm x 2.4 metres Pine - from Donaldson Timber.

1x1 Planed Softwood Timber is ideal to use as framing, beading, edging, battening, and small stud-work;

For extra machining on 1 x 1 inch Planed Redwood - Machining in Yard - Machining in Workshop - Workshop Time

Other Planed Timber sizes - Softwood PSE Timber

- Pine is a natural material - variations in knots, colour, grain should be expected - They are not defects;

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25x25mm Planed Timber is usually machined from 25mm best Joinery quality Scandinavian Redwood - Finished size 20mm to 21mm square : ( 1 inch square Planed Timber - approx 7/8 inch square finish. ) - Richard Burbidge LP319 - Masons Timber 32924 and 32930 - Cheshire Mouldings TM624 - Donaldson Timber 25x25mm PSE.

The Richard Burbidge and Cheshire Mouldings Timber Grading is to have a substan­ti­ally knot free timber on three sides ( of the square timber, before machining to 1" x 1" Planed Pine ) The specifi­cation for timber bead from Scandinavian Mills also allows engineered and finger-jointed timber timber to be used. The Donaldson 1x1 Planed Timber that we have in stock at present is a Joinery quality redwood with very few knots - machined from 25mm Scandinavian Board; The Masons Timber 1x1 is similar to ours.

- 2.4 metre lengths Planed 1x1 Square Bead from Donaldson Timber in stock - 01/11/2020
- Carrier Delivery is available for 2.4 metre PSE Redwood Bead lengths - See Delivery Tab - Just add to basket.

1x1 Planed Softwood Timber should be treated and fixed in place as soon as possible to help minimise any movement/­twisting and surface checking/­splitting that occurs naturally with changes in moisture content; 1x1 Redwood can not be recommended for use externally without suitable timber-treatment, weather-proof top-coating and ongoing maintenance; External use of 1x1 Planed Timber is at your own risk - Timber life expectancy is increased with timber pressure-treatment and protective finishing coats. It is better to use pressure treated timbers externally.

- TM624 sizes measured as at - 04/08/2016 - 21.0mm x 20.9mm to 21.0mm x 21.3mm with one splitter-saw edge; Sizes of timber can vary from batch to batch.

Sizes may be the usual timber nominal size that the 25mm Planed Redwood Softwood is machined from, with a finished size that is generally obtained; Planed 1x1 Redwood sizes are generally within ±1mm on thickness / ±2mm on width, ±10mm cross-cutting tolerance and there may be splitter saw cut-edges; This is the size immediately after machining the timber, and does not take into account any movement later, caused by moisture movement into, or out of the 1x1 Planed Beading. The size and profile of 1 x 1 inch planed timber may vary from batch to batch, so it is best to purchase all you need for a job in one go, rather than buying more at a later date.

- JAS Timber cannot be held responsible for any variations in machined 1 x 1 Planed Timber sizes, pattern, construc­tion, grading, moisture content, treatment, certi­fica­tion, knots, colour,­ grain or finish.
- If it is important, then you need to check these or any other details before purchasing, & notify us in writing on your order.

We can supply FSC or PEFC Certi­fica­tion for 25x25mm Planed Redwood with our Chain of Custody Certi­ficates, CoC - JAS Timber CoC Certi­fica­tion: FSC Certified 1x1 PSE Reds INT-COC-003944.­150 or PEFC Certified 1x1 PSE Reds INT-PEFC/­COC-001119.­150
- Add to basket - 1 Certi­fica­tion Charge per different product, or moulding size - Cheshire Mouldings CoC PEFC Certi­fica­tion
- Add to basket - 1 Certi­fica­tion Charge per different product, or moulding size - Richard Burbidge CoC FSC Certi­fica­tion

  • Check your Softwood 21mm Bead Delivery on arrival, to see that all your 1x1 Profiled Moulding's component dimensions, any mouldings, any glazing, and that ALL other details are correct, prior to any related work on site;
  • JAS Timber cannot be held liable for the consequences of any variation;
  • We cannot exchange any 1x1 Pine Mould once work has commenced. Orders of 25x25mm PSE Stripwood, and ALL Direct Deliveries are supplied as a Special Order.

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Payment - We can take Debit Card, BACS, Cash, Cheque or Credit Card payment online for Redwood 1 x 1 PSE.
Van Delivery of 25x25mm Planed Pine on our van, in Blackburn, Lancashire and the North-West, from £6.50 +vat
- poa; ( from: £30 Manchester, £35 Lancaster, £45 Liverpool, £60 Leeds, all +vat; )

Richard Burbidge LP319, Cheshire Mouldings TM624, Donaldson's 1x1 Planed Pine and Mason's 32924 2.4 metre Softwood ( 21 x 21 PSE Planed Timber ) have a chargeable carriage weight of 0.75Kg per 2.4 metre length, to include the minimum of packaging, our careful packing and the XDP standard Zone-A carriage charge; To order online - Click add to Basket, taking care if there are any options to choose in drop-down menus; To see your ongoing Order Total or to amend it, click the small Checkout Trolley icon at the Top-RHS of the page in the Green Navigation-bar.

XDP Carrier Delivery of 25x25mm Pine Lengths costs from £12.40 +vat - up to 10Kg and 2.4 metres x 400x400mm, then +50p per extra Kg; For 2.4 to 3.6 metres from £15 +vat more - poa; Anything longer is not suitable unless in pallet quantities to Zone A Mainland - poa other zones; The risk of damage is roughly 5% with carrier delivery ( there is no damage insurance with XDP ), so we urge you NOT to sign for your consignment until you have checked it; Once signed - ( "unchecked" isn't accepted ) any carrier will deem that you have received your order in reasonable condition - It is then your respon­sibility; We have tried to intervene with the carrier - but they are immune to complaints.
You can choose an "Insured" Tracked Delivery for £6 +vat extra, by adding - TNT Carriage

Haulier Delivery of 25x25mm Planed Items can be done for larger quantities, charged per 1.2 metre pallet space - poa;

Direct Delivery of 1x1 inch Timber Sections may be possible from some of our suppliers - poa;

( Please tell us the delivery post-code for your enquiry about 1 x 1" Planed Pine Sections, so that we can quote for shipping. )

  • The July 2021 Quarterly 25mm Timber Board Price-Lists will apply unless there is a new currency based over-rider - 01/08/2021
  • The Cheshire Mouldings January 2021 Softwood Mouldings Price List is current - 01/08/2021
  • The October 2020 Richard Burbidge Pine Mouldings Price List is current - 01/08/2021
  • The Masons Timber October 2021 Timber Mouldings Price List is current - 01/08/2021
  • Please phone us at JAS Timber for any further details about Planed Square Edge 25x25mm Pine Bead - 01254 54000

E.&O.E. see T&C - We try to keep prices and specifi­cations of Machined 25x25mm PSE Softwood correct, please tell us if you see any errors.