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18mm Brown Wagonboard : Hex-pattern Phenol-coated Birch Plywood 2440x1220mm ( 8x4x3­/4" )

Black Wagon Board - Hex-Mesh Face
  • Black Wagon Board - Hex-Mesh Face
  • Black Wagonboard - Mesh Face
Product code 2101-18mm-Birch-Wagon-Board-8x4
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18mm Birch Wagonboard : Non-Slip Phenol Face Scandi­navian Plywood
- 2440x1220x18mm ( Appro­ximately 8x4x3/4" )
- Birch Plywood with 1 Hex-pattern Non-Slip Face + 1 Smooth Phenol Face

Applications - Curtain-Side Trailer Floors, Van Floors, Covered Decking, Covered Walkways, Spectator Grandstands, Stages, Narrowboat Flooring, covered Playground Equipment, Flight Cases,­ Furniture, Shopfitting, Exhibition Stands and general (covered) construc­tion work.

Our supplier says that this board is not guaranteed for permanent outdoor use;
It is an imported plywood board -
 Meyer Timber

However it does have a phenol coating on both faces, and is less likely to delaminate if any drilled holed and cut are fully sealed.
(There are only the much more expensive Scandinavian Wisa type boards that are guaranteed for full external use. These boards are close to twice the price.)

See other types of Wagonboard - 18mm Brown Wagonboard

- Plywood origin, specifi­cations and grading may change from batch to batch;
Buyers should satisfy themselves as to the suitability of a particular plywood for their application, prior to purchase.
Specifi­cation is complex for Plywoods - See - Spec. Page

18mm WBP Birch Plywood Wagonboard must be cut for carrier delivery;
(This can be 4x4 - 4x32" - 4x2 or 2x2 sizes for packing - Less sawcuts);
Put your packing sizes in the Special Instructions Box before adding to basket.

For special size cutting on Sheet Materials select 

For a better cut in the Workshop select  - for more accuracy, & to reduce the spelching on the underside of the sheet;

18mm WBP Birch Plywood full sheets 2440X1220mm can be ordered online; (Please contact us regarding delivery cost) 
Add to basket, then please Continue Shopping <--- & add (...) of delivery item to basket: JAS Delivery

- Timber is a natural product - variations in knots, colour and grain should be expected; They are not defects.

It is possible to get other sheet sizes - eg 10x4, 10x5; (3050x1220mm & 3050x1525mm) - Usually in thicker sizes
Other thicknesses of Hardwood Plywood - WBP Hardwood Plywood - All Sheet Materials - Panel Products

Birch Plywood - General Description :
The plywood surface veneers and core veneers are of Birch.
The board is normally manufactured with an odd number of plies, each ply being oriented at 90 degrees to the adjacent one, to create a balanced construc­tion.­ The plywood face and reverse veneers run in the direction of the length of the sheet : long-grain plywood.

Thickness tolerances of plywood - differences are allowed from the nominal thickness of the board after sanding.
In the case of 18mm plywood, this is from 17.06mm to 18.2mm, as a mean thickness (It is usually thinner!).
Length and width dimensions of the plywood are usually stated within +/- 1mm tolerance.

Adhesives used in the plywood manufacture are Phenol (WBP type) for the core veneers, and Melamine Formaldehyde (Type 1 Exterior) for the face veneers.

Plywood face grading is stated as A/A
- an A plywood face is described as a neatly cut veneer, substan­ti­ally defect free and sanded smooth;
This plywood face-grade description is summarised from BS6566 - (which although not a current standard, has been adopted as a description by several Plywood Mills.)
Long-grain birch veneered plywood - many boards have a decorative veneer but would have to be selected if required for this use;

Weight per 8x4 x 3/4" plywood board is appro­ximately 40Kg;

Moisture content of the plywood is appro­ximately 10%;

Plywood Strength Data - non declared, not CE marked for structural use.

This board has an external glueline WBP (Water & Boil-Proof); WBP bonded plywood generally has a high resistance to humid and wet envi­ron­ments, although the forces of expansion in a saturated timber veneer may cause the veneer to actually split, while the glueline itself is sound. This does not indicate that the Plywood has been manuf­ac­tured incorrectly - timber is a natural material subject to swelling when it absorbs moisture. Be aware that Poplar does not posses a high resistance to fungal decay in humid conditions. For long service in these conditions, design consi­dera­tions and the appropriate weather-proof finish of the plywood are of the highest importance. The timber (especially end-grain) would need to be coated and maintained to a BS-CP external specifi­cation for any external use. These plywood boards have not been CE grade tested for structural uses such as floor decking, roof decking or wall sheathing - (although they are of comparable quality to ones that are CE marked.) We would be able to supply a CE marked plywood, but this would be at a higher price.

This ply is more stable and generally will swell, twist or warp less than a softwood core plywood.

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Payment - We can take Debit Card, BACS, Cash, Cheque or Credit Card payment online for 18mm WBP Birch Wagonboard
Van Delivery of 18mm Birch Plywood on our van, in Blackburn, Lancashire & the North-West, from £5 +vat, or £1 +vat per mile - poa (from: £30 Manchester, £35 Lancaster, £45 Liverpool, £60 Leeds, all +vat;)

The approximate weight of 2440x1220x18mm Birch Wagonboard is 32Kg per sheet, to include packing.

Carrier Delivery of 3/4" Plywood is possible from £11.40 +vat - up to 10Kg/2.4M., then 50p per Kg; 2.4 to 3.0 M. + £15+vat!
Anything longer is not suitable unless in pallet quantities;
( Zone A mainland - poa other zones)

Direct Delivery of 3/4" Brown Wagonboard Plywood may be possible from some of our suppliers.

(Please tell us the post-code for your enquiry about 3/4" Brown Wagonboard, so that we can quote for delivery.)

- Please phone us at JAS Timber with any enquiries about 18mm WBP Wagonboard  - 01254 54000

E. & O.E. see T&C - We do try to keep prices and specifi­cations of 18mm Brown Phenol Faced Wagonboard correct, but mistakes can be made!