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1.5" OVOLO Doorstop Bead

TM55124 - 1-1/2" Timber OVOLO DOORSTOP BEAD from Cheshire Mouldings:

Pine Ovolo Doorstop Beading

A good quality, virtually knot free ovolo timber moulding, machined from PEFC Unsorted Scandinavian Redwood Timber;
This pine ovolo doorstop is generally used on door linings; but can also be used on frames to bead aroound glass or timber panels.
Ovolo is a classical timber moulding with pleasing shape when fixed onto a flate surface, or beaded into a rebate.

PEFC Redwood 1.5" OVOLO GLAZING BEAD (Finished size: 12x21mm - 2.4metres)  
- Follow the link for more details about 34mm Softwood Glass Beading TM55324, and to buy online: 1.5" OVOLO PINE GLAZING BEAD

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